NBA Lockout; What They’re Saying | Sports, News

–Whats being said…..

“We had a great year in terms of the appreciation of our fans for our game. But it just wasn’t a profitable one for the owners. And it wasn’t one that may of the small market teams particularly enjoyed or felt included.”

– NBA commissioner David Stern

“Obviously, the clock is now running with regard to whether or not there will be a loss of games, and so I’m hoping that over the next month or so that there will be sort of a softening on their side and maybe we have to soften our position as well.”

– NBPA executive director Billy Hunter

“My level of disappointment is for a lot of our fans and people who follow our game. Although they’re not going to miss any games at this point, they still just don’t like the prospect of a lockout. We don’t like it either. But our owners feel like it is the best way for them to get what they want. We don’t agree. We’re still going to continue to negotiate in the midst of this lockout.”

NBPA president Derek Fisher

“The people who stand to have their livings impacted by a shutdown of our industry are going to have a negative view of both sides (and) I think our fans will tend to have a negative view of why can’t you guys work this thing out.”

– Stern

“Lakers Dallas Miami Knicks Magic Bulls Boston and a few others always hav the best chance at the top free agents do to city and money so the smaller cities team cant compete so they can never get better and there always losing money.. so since they cant control each other spending money on players they want us too do it for them by signing a new deal… its that simple (sic).”

– Magic G Gilbert Arenas, via Twitter

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Shelvin Mack Drafted by Washington Wizards | Sports

Guard Shelvin Mack became the second Butler player in 12 months to go from the Final Four to the NBA on Thursday (June 23). The Butler junior was selected in the second round of this year’s NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards.

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Death at The W Hotel in NW DC | News

Updates (7/1/2011) :

A suicidal woman fell to her death from the rooftop of a hotel in front of the White House last night after dramatically trying to cling to the building in a last minute change of heart.

Witnesses said the woman plunged ten storeys after drinking at the bar of the W hotel in Washington DC.

The death comes one month after a 30-year-old model died after falling from a room at the W hotel in Atlanta, Georgia…. Read MORE


A woman fell from the rooftop restaurant at The W Hotel tonight around 11pm. Details of the fall are unknown, paramedics have not yet confirmed whether the death was by jump or if the young woman was pushed.

Prayers go out to her family. We will keep you posted on any new details.

On Set of Wale and J Cole’s Video Shoot | Elliot Wilson (RapRadar)

Elliot Wilson [Rap Radar] threw up some pics from Wale & J Cole’s video shoot. Looks like Wale’s in Cali, probably why he’s dropping his new song on Cali time. The track is called  “Bad Girl’s Club”.

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DC Cops Being Investigated For Beating Man; Man Lost An Eye | WUSA9

WASHINGTON (WUSA) — Two DC police officers are being investigated for their role in a beating outside of a nightclub, police told 9 News Now.

There are reports that the police beat the victim up so badly, he lost use of one of his eyes, sources told 9 News Now.

The two Metropolitan officers are facing serious felony charges of mayhem, stemming from the alleged beating outside the Lotus nightclub on K Street a few weeks ago.

All three officers are stationed in DC’s first district, according to sources.

Both officers were off-duty at the time and they are members of the vice squad, sources said.

The officers could face charges as early as tomorrow.

One of the officers has already been removed from duty, according to sources.

A third officer is being investigated as well, for standing by and watching the beating take place, sources said.

And finally, it is unclear tonight whether the officers were patrons of the club or moonlighting. MPD officers are banned from working off-duty at any establishment that serves alcohol unless it is a job that is organized through the department.

The charge of mayhem refers to a serious assault on an individual that leaves a lasting physical impact. In this case, sources say the man who was beaten lost an eye.

The officers have not yet been charged with any crimes.

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Germantown Robber Uses Stun Gun To Take Cash At ATM | WUSA 9

GERMANTOWN, Md. (WUSA) — A man used a stun gun to rob someone at an ATM Monday in Montgomery County, police said.

Police say the victim was in a vehicle making a withdrawal from an ATM at the Bank of America on Germantown Road, in Germantown, at about 11:05 p.m.

The suspect approached the victim and spoke to him.

Then, the suspect attempted to shock the victim with the device, but it didn’t take affect, police said.

The victim drove off, while leaving the cash and the bank card behind at the ATM, police said.

Police say they do not believe this case is related to a stun-gun robbery recently reported in Rockville, based on a different physical description of the suspects.

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