About Us

DMVFollowers was created on a “strength in numbers” foundation, finding a creative way to use free online social networking sites to strengthen the “bond” between D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to help better form the DMV. Online social networking sites serve as an interactive tool allowing the brand to connect residents in the area and promote events, music, local news and products.

Our Mission

DMVFollowers is a diverse marketing and advertising brand dedicated to connecting D.C., Maryland, and Virginia in the most efficient and positive way through free social networking sites and community services. Our mission is to provide the people of our community with up to date news, events, fashion, music, and much more that can help better our community.

Our Services

DMVFollowers offers promotional/marketing and advertisement packages for artists, models, events, and growing companies in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area.

  • For Artists: DMVFollowers provides 3 promotional packages for DMV artists of any genre. The packages include features on the website, Twitter/Facebook promotion, YouTube promotion, increase in social network, performance opportunities, and feedback from new listeners.
  • For Models: DMVFollowers provides 2 promotional packages for aspiring and/or professional models in the DMV area, any gender. Model packages offer weekly promotion, increase in social network, Twitter/Facebook promotion and modeling opportunities in the DMV area.
  • For Events: DMVFollowers offers event promotion, sponsoring, and hosting. We provide promotional and marketing packages which can include custom t-shirts, wrist bands, flyers, as well as Twitter/Facebook promotion.
  • For Companies: DMVFollowers offers marketing and promotional packages. Packages include online promotion and promotional tools like flyers, posters, t-shirts, wrist bands, etc.
  • For Residents: DMVFollowers offers free events for family and children. Also provides a website with local news, events, music, etc

Community Outreach

The Jr. Board | Mission: To provide significantly at-risk youth resources traditionally unavailable in their communities so they rise above factors of poverty, recognize their leadership ability and emerge as leaders.

For more information on The Jr. Board, visit http://www.thejrboard.org

Tony Lewis, Jr. & Son’s of Life | Mission: An organization dedicated to serving the needs of youth with incarcerated parents, through programming, mentoring, and volunteerism.

For more information about Tony Lewis, Jr and/or Son’s of Life, visit http://www.thetonylewisjr.com or http://www.facebook.com/sonsoflife

Our Partnerships

The Board AdministrationThe Elite Group

Young Millionaires

Wayne & Tony

Our Sponsors

AT&T Portables

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