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DC’s Own Tony Lewis, Jr. Wins “Best Community Leader” Award at Steve Harvey Hoodie Awards | Community

Photo courtesy of Ruthless Kay Photography

For those that don’t know Tony Lewis, Jr.’s story (peep the article The Washington Post wrote on him last year), one word to describe him is inspiring. He’s a positive man trying to make a positive change in his community. From leading peace marches up and down North Capitol Street to helping and mentoring children with incarcerated parents, Tony Lewis, Jr is an advocate for the people.

Yesterday, Steve Harvey recognized Tony Lewis as the “Best Community Leader” at the 2011 Ford Hoodie Awards.

Photo courtesy of Tony Lewis, Jr.

We would like to send out a major congratulations to Tony Lewis, Jr.

We knew he could do it, and he brought it home to the DMV.


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Slut Walk DC 2011 | Event

Pictures from a Slut Walk in San Diego

The Route for the Slut Walk in DC

Location: Lafayette Park (16th St NW and H St NW)

From the DC Slut Walk website:

  • SlutWalk is a movement to stop violence again women and specifically aims to challenge “rape culture” which excuses sexual violence through messaging such as “Don’t Get Raped”–instead the message should be “Don’t Rape!”

  • SlutWalk encourages everyone, regardless of gender, to challenge victim blaming and to put the responsibility solely on the perpetrators of the violence.

  • SlutWalk aims to create dialogue about street harassment, sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual assault, abuse and rape and the culture that perpetuates such violence.

  • SlutWalk recognizes that sexual assault and abuse is not something solely done by men to women; girls, boys, men and transgender individuals are also affected.

  • SlutWalk recognizes that no community is immune from sexual violence however women, women of color, sex workers and transgender individuals face higher rates of sexual violence.

  • Slutwalk opposes slut shaming and believes that women have the right to make decisions about their sex lives and the right to control their bodies.

  • SlutWalk stands for full reproductive rights and condemns the recent attacks on a women’s right to choose in DC and across the U.S.

  • SlutWalk is LGBTQ inclusive. We oppose homophobia and transphobia and celebrate all forms of gender identity and expression.

  • SlutWalk is not about hate, and we do not use hateful language.

Cold Stone Ice Cream & Chris Brown Ticket Giveaway | Community

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Dedication Ceremony for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial | Community

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial will officially open to the public on Monday, August 22, 2011.

The official Dedication ceremony of the Memorial will take place on Sunday August 28th, 48 years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

For more information on the schedule of events, visit http://www.dedicatethedream.org/

or to donate to the building fund, visit http://www.buildthedream.org/

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The Board Administration’s own Fatz Da Big Fella and DMVFollowers have teamed up for a back to school giveaway!

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Sons Of Life x BOA: #OperationNourishment | Community

Video courtesy of AA MEDIA GROUP

Tony Lewis, Jr, Sons of Life, and The Board Administration joined forces to help those “who had a couple bad breaks in their lives.”

Brandon Banks of the Washington Redskins along with Delonte West of the Boston Celtics came out to support as well.


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