UMD Ranks 18th in the “Top Party School” List | News

You may want to keep tabs on your kids if they are heading to the University of Maryland.

Princeton Review released its Best Colleges edition, which ranks the nation’s universities in a variety of categories.

In the Top Party Schools division, Maryland ranked number 18 in the country.

Not to far away, West Virginia placed number six.  The hardest partying school of all, however, was Ohio University.

At the other end of the spectrum, the top “Stone-Cold Sober” school of higher education was listed as Brigham Young University, in Utah.

University of Virginia earned a mention in the “Great Financial Aid” category, placing third.

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New iPhone 5 Design? | Technology

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Could This Be the Design of the iPhone 5?

This is not the iPhone 5. It’s claimed to be an iPhone 5 clone made by a factory in Shenzhen, China, right where the actual iPhone 5 is being produced. Could this really be what the iPhone 5 looks like?

Check out the pictures, because something tells me it could be very close to the real thing.

It certainly matches the plastic cases and the rumors about Apple using rounded glass for the screen and the back. It also matches thealleged spy shot published last week.

From above, it reminds me a bit of the first iPhone. Overall, it feels like a polished merge between the first generation iPhone and the iPhone 4, with the iPhone 3G’s smoothed curves factored in as well. Its simplicity is very Apple, and to me it feels like it could be a real Apple design.

The alleged clone is only 7mm thick. That’s only 0.275 inches! Obviously, it doesn’t have the same guts as the real thing will have, but I certainly expect a thinner iPhone 5.

Why this could be it

In China, many products are often cloned before they even reach the market—based either on digital blueprints or models sneaked out by workers when the products are already in production. That’s the reason you see cases and cloned replacement parts of the iPhone or iPad models before they even get released.

Given that the iPhone 5 is probably being churned out of the factories as we speak—either in limited production runs or ramping up—I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got a prototype and sold it to some enterprising pirate company.

In any case, it seems way too polished not to be a clone of the actual iPhone 5. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the real thing looks exactly like this. [Giz-China]

p.s. In fact, I’m so sure that I just made this bet.


What do you think about the possible new design for Apple’s iPhone 5?

Food Network Looks for Next Star in DC, Audition! | Event

Are you always whippin in the kitchen? Go to the Food Network Star audition to see if your skills are as good as you think that are.

Food Network will hold a casting call for the eighth season of Food Network Star in D.C. next month. The producers are scouting for talent that is “full of life, passionate about cooking, and knowledgeable about food.”

Details follow:
Food Network Star  – D.C. Casting Call
Monday, August 8th 2011
The Westin City Center
1400 M St. NW, Washington, DC 20005
2 photos of yourself
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MAJOR Trinity Classic 59Fifty in Electric Blue by New Era | Fashion

The ultimate classic is back in a brand new Electric Blue colorway.  MAJOR Trinity 59Fifty Fitted classic gets the “South Beach” makeover, with electric blue wool blend fabric crown and visor, featuring black/black Trinity embroidery in the front.  The classic black/black 3 stars adorn the back of the fitted, while we keep in funky with the kelly green undervisor.

Shop online @ Major Online Store

1426 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007

New AT&T HTC Status. The Official Social Networking Smartphone | Lifestyle

AT&T brings you the Official Social Networking Smart Phone


A smart phone without Social Networking features is pretty much as boring as it gets. Everyone wants to be able to update their friends the moment something exciting, or not so exciting happens in their life. How perfect would it be to not have to download extra applications, taking up lots of your phones memory and third party applications from untrusted app sites?

Interested in purchasing this phone? Visit AT&T HTC Status

Meet the HTC Status.


Your Facebook friends never felt closer

The HTC Status makes it easy to share and stay in touch with your Facebook friends. Just touch the dedicated Facebook share button to update your status, share a photo or website, post what song you’re listening to, or check in at a location. You can even add social apps and widgets like Friend Stream and Facebook Chat to make it even easier to stay connected.


Built to be social

The HTC Status is designed to make sharing easy. Capture special moments by using the 5 MP camera to shoot sharp photos. Use the front-facing camera to snap a self-portrait. See what your friends are up to on the vivid HVGA touchscreen. Easily type messages on the full keyboard. The unique Facebook share button even glows when there’s an opportunity to share something on Facebook.


Tie your social worlds together

The HTC Status uses the power of Android 2.3.3 and the latest version of HTC Sense to weave Facebook into everything you do. When a friend calls, see their latest status, photos, and even a reminder if their birthday is coming. View updates right on the home screen or use Friend Stream to see a running feed of your friends’ status updates and tweets. View Facebook photo albums in the Gallery. See Facebook events right in your calendar. And use social widgets to comment, like, and chat with just a tap on the home screen.

Interested in purchasing this phone? Visit AT&T HTC Status

HTC Sense Facebook integration: HTC Status combines the simplicity and depth of HTC Sense with the power and connectivity of Facebook. With the touch of a button, you can find new ways to connect and share with your friends, family, or customers. See Facebook updates, events, and photos integrated into the phone’s dialer, calendar, gallery … everywhere!
Touch or type: The rounded, well-spaced QWERTY keyboard makes typing easy and comfortable. And the Internet is right at your fingertips with the 2.6-inch, high-resolution touchscreen display.

Dual cameras: Take crisp, clear photos and capture video with the 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, or use the VGA front-facing camera to create your own self-portraits and video diary entries.

Android OS: You get all the great functionality of the Android operating system with version 2.3 (Gingerbread), including PC-like Web browsing, merged email accounts, built-in Wi-Fi, and mobile hotspot support.

Find out more about FEATURES

Interested in purchasing this phone? Visit AT&T HTC Status

Mumbo Sauce Coming to a Supermarket Shelf Near You | News

(via @WCP)

D.C. native Arsha Jonesdishes to WaPo about her special brand of mumbo sauce. Jones, 34, has bottled up her own version of the District’sindigenous condiment, a staple of Chinese carry-outs across the city, which is slowly gaining  greater recognition beyond the local chicken-wing-lover demographic.Complex magazine, for instance, recently posted a guide to mumbo sauce hotspots in D.C.

Jones’ own brand is called Capital City Mumbo Sauce, which she now sells online. The mother of four makes the stuff out of her home in Annapolis and sees great potential for popularizing the product beyond the inner-city subculture. One possibility: “Maybe mumbo sauce in grocery aisles in Bethesda.”

There are SO many different tastes to Mumbo Sauce around the DMV area. Curious to see which direction this mumbo sauce goes. The sweet and slightly tangy route, or the more like ketchup route. Either way! Now we can stop taking the 15inch tall red bottles of mumbo sauce from the local carryout and have a bottle of or own at home!

What carryout in the city has the best mumbo sauce to you?! It’s as if we can revoke your DMV card if you’ve never had mumbo sauce! You can put it on just about everything you can get at The Carry Out; fried rice, fried chicken, fried shrimp, french fries .. pretty much anything fried!

There’s even a blog in the DMV created by @DjHeatDC .. which features music from artists in the city! And of course you’ve heard Wale mention mumbo sauce in his songs! .. oh yeah, don’t forget the half & half!

Check out

Wale and The Board Administration Represent Nuvo Lemon Sorbet | Lifestyle

Wale & The Board Administration will be representing the new Nuvo flavor Nuvo Lemon. They brought it out Friday (July 16) at Fur Night Club in DC. Be on the lookout for the new Nuvo Lemon campaign around the DMV.

We changed the game once before, we are changing the game again. NUVO LEMON SORBET is 25% alcohol but will give you a refreshingtwist of sparkling French vodka and lemon citrus that explodes in your mouth. Just like the original NUVO, NUVO LEMON SORBET has never been done before. It’s just like lemon sorbet…it’s refreshing, cold, crisp, sweet & tangy but in a bottle.

The yellow signature bottle is sleek like a yellow Lamborghini. NUVO LEMON SORBET is made for celebrating, whether its bottle service in the V.I.P, or with your friends at the bar. When you bring the bottle, you’re bringing cool refreshment. Oh you fancy, huh? Yes we are, and we bring you that fancy in the same manner we brought it with the original. This summer be part of the elite, be the tastemaker of your click, be up on this first. Be the one that introduces your people to their soon-to-be drink of choice. It’s like that feeling you get when you find a great artist first, that great song before anyone else is up on it. Check Out NUVO.COM