Recap | Operation Nourishment: BOA x Tony Lewis Jr | Events

Around 5:35pm, residence at the Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter on New York Ave lined up out back to enjoy a generous serving of Popeye’s Chicken, Papa John’s Pizza, and a spread of vegetables and salads.

The smiles on the faces of the men, all ages and races, was priceless when the aroma of fresh Popeye’s Cajun Fried Chicken blew through the window’s of the Men’s Shelter. Many of the residence didn’t know the event was taking place until the table was set up and they were called outside and given a plate. You could tell they were grateful.

Many of the men stopped some of the people who were walking around with camera’s and BOA t-shirts to get more information on who put the event together. Even though they knew nothing of BOA, Son’s of Life or Tony Lewis they expressed extreme gratitude. A lot of the men joked about “not eating this good since 20 Thanksgivings ago” as they stood in front of the fried chicken platters waiting to get their piece.

So, who is the kind heart behind Operation Nourishment? 

Meet Tony Lewis Jr.

Tony Lewis Jr is possibly the most giving man in the DC area. As the driving force behind Son’s of Life and DCorNothing Clothing, Tony Lewis Jr consistently provides less fortunate or struggling DC residence with the recourses and “love” they deserve.

Tony Lewis Jr is known for his charity events, food drives, clothing donations, and campaigning for the homeless and misguided or incarcerated youth.

Tony Lewis Jr and The Board Administration teamed up to provide the Men at the Catholic Charities Shelter with a decent meal and lots of clothing, some of which was brand new. BOA executives Greg, Mohamed and Tre made two or three trips to cars, each time returning with boxes of new Adidas, sweaters, jeans and shirts.

Boston Celtics Guard Delonte West and Redskins Wide Receiver Brandon Banks came to chat with the residence, hand out clothes, and give them a few laughs and talk about the season. Guests from House Studio DC and IBGC came to support. Singer Songwriter Kevin Ross, DC native, also came to chat with the guys and show support.

The event was sponsored by Popeye’s Chicken, Papa John’s Pizza, FUZE, Vita CoCo and California Pizza. The IBGC Team showed up with 100 McDonald’s cheese burgers.

Follow @MrTonyLewisJR and @ThaBoard. Much love to BOA artist Fatz DaBigFella for coming and being apart of the campaign. His involvement was sparked by his single “Big Piece of Chicken“. Other guests including Black Cobain, Judah, members of YM and of course DMV Followers came to show support.

Thank you to everyone that came out and donated food, clothing and their time.

*video footage coming soon*