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Recently, it seems that flash mobs are more commonly employed for petty crimes, like panty raids, rather than awkward protests and copycat marketing. This video shows a large group of teens swarming a Germantown 7-Eleven and stealing candy, chips, ice cream, and soda — basically anything that will, over time, render them morbidly obese. So who gets the last laugh?

According to the store owner, police didn’t want a copy of the surveillance tape because they thought it would be hard to capture the teens based on the footage, which, to our eyes, seems clear enough. Nonetheless, a Montgomery County officers tells NBC Washington, “We’re going to take this very seriously.” Right. (The owner also didn’t want to reveal the location of his store; there are six in Germantown, so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out if you live there.)

It’s come to the point where, when we see a large group of people, we expect that we will be robbed, not treated to a live rendition of “Born This Way.” We almost miss the days when flash mobs were simply annoying, rather than a societal menace.

Did you see what happened at the 0:50 mark? A boy knocks a bag onto the ground, and a girl behind him picks it up and puts it back on the rack. They may be shoplifting en masse, but hey, at least they’re keeping organized what don’t steal!

Eight New Attacks on NE DC Bike Route | Local, News

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) — A Northeast Washington community is exasperated after a college intern was robbed at gunpoint in a brazen, daylight attack, part of which was caught on surveillance video.

That crime was just the latest in a series of disturbing incidents along the Rhode Island Avenue bike trail.

The path was ushered into the community with great fanfare last summer, but now, it appears, it’s attracted criminals, along with runners and cyclists. In fact, in just the last few months, there have been 8 attacks, including one this morning.

Surveillance video shows two young men walking along the path. The suspect is wearing a light-colored shirt. The victim, in a dark shirt, is a college student just steps away from his internship.

“First thing he told me was that I got robbed. He just didn’t look well,” said Kevin Smith, the victim’s supervisor.

Out of view of the camera, the suspect allegedly walked his victim to a remote area and took his wallet and cell phone at gunpoint. The tape shows the suspect casually returning from the alleged crime, before breaking into a run.

“I was really upset because that’s family and I’m just glad he was still alive and all they took was his merchandise and not his life,” said Trevor Armstrong, the victim’s cousin.

The crime was reportedly the eighth violent incident in recent weeks.

“There’s been four taser attacks,” said Tarelle Brown, who works nearby. “Four people have gotten tasered and robbed that I know of.”

Less than 24 hours earlier, someone even scaled the roof of the Art & Drama Therapy Institute to cut the wires to their security cameras. But there was a backup.

“This needs to be a wake up call. Really you’re putting everybody in harm’s way if you do not get security here. There are people jogging on this bike trail,” said Darrion Gates of The Art And Drama Therapy Institute.

“It’s heartbreaking and it has to end. We all have to band up and senseless crimes just have to end,” said Smith.

This bike trail runs from Catholic University all the way to Union Station.

When a crime happens, 9News has been told police will come, but the people who work in the area would like to see more security, around the clock.

Written by Andrea McCarren