Above Ground Metrorail Station Coming To Dulles Airport, Silver Line | News

This is great news! Hopefully some of the fare raises will show in this new metro station at Dulles Airport.

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ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) — In an 11-1 vote, members of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) agreed to build an above-ground Metrorail station at Dulles International Airport.

While the move saves $300 million versus an underground station, even some of those board members who voted for the above-ground station aren’t happy with the decision.

Chairman Charles Snelling told 9NEWS NOW reporter Bruce Leshan he was disappointed, but it was a political reality and the only way to complete the project.

The lone dissenter, Robert Clarke Brown, said it’s an embarrassment to have a station like this as the gateway to the capital of the country.

The board approved an underground station in April, but some of the local counties involved in funding said they would pull their monies if the less expensive above-ground station wasn’t chosen.

The $3.5 billion Silver Line, expected to be completed in 2017, will be paid for mostly by Dulles toll revenues. A quarter of it will be paid by the counties and airports authority.

The 13-member MWAA board is appointed. Virginia’s governor appoints five people (Former Rep. Tom Davis is one them), Maryland’s governor appoints two, DC’s mayor appoints three, and the President of the United States appoints three. Snelling, who lives in Pennsylvania, is a presidential appointee.

Metro Confirms There Was A Sexual Crime On Green Line Train In April | News

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TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (WUSA) — Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel confirmed a teenage girl was the victim of a sexual offense on a Green Line train in April.The Washington Examiner reported that Metro did not tell the public about the attack at the time.

Stessel told the Examiner and 9NEWS NOW: “There was no threat to public safety. The alleged assailant was immediately apprehended…With the suspect in custody, our interest was ensuring that the privacy of the teenage victim was protected.”

Stessel said the attack was not rape, but was a first degree sexual offense. He declined to be more specific about what happened during the attack that happened on an outbound Green line train.

The girl was under the age of 18 and did not know her attacker, confirmed Stessel.

She reported the incident at the Naylor Road station in Prince George’s County. Then, Metro Transit Police arrested the man before he left the Naylor Road Station, said Stessel.

The man was charged with first- and second-degree sexual offense and a kidnapping charge, Stessel told the Examiner.

The name of the suspect has not been released, but Stessel said the suspect is from Annandale and the case will go to trial soon.

These details came to light after the Examiner says noticed just one rape listed for this year in a report this month. When the Examiner asked about it, Stessel clarified that the incident was a sexual offense, not a rape. The Examiner reports that Stessel “noted the report would be amended.”

A Peek Inside Metro’s Newest Rail Car | News

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Inside a warehouse near New Carrollton station sits a prototype of Metro’s newest rail car, the 7000 series.

Constructed of plywood and painted gray, the prototype is half the size of an actual subway car, but it was made to give transit officials and riders a place to test designs for the interiors of the new additions to Metro’s fleet.

The transit authority plans to order 428 of the rail cars from Kawasaki at a cost of $886 million. The cars will be assembled in Lincoln, Neb., and are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2013.

Three hundred of the new units will replace the oldest Metro rail cars, which date from the opening of the system 35 years ago and are known as the 1000 series. The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended they be removed from servicebecause of the damage they sustain in crashes.

The rest of the 7000 series cars are planned for the new rail line to Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County.


So…. is this where our increase in fare money is going? $889 Million dollars worth of new trains? And we can’t even get a functioning elevator or escalator to get to them?

Poll: What WMATA Metro Line Needs The Most Improvement?

What improvements does the line need? From the broken elevators and escalators to rider safety.

Leave a comment!

Metro Elevator and Escalator Issues | News

How often do you get to the Metro Station and stand at the top of the escalator, which is now a staircase, while an entire train of people exit the station before you are able to enter?

Annoying right? It’s generally the same Stations that never have working elevators and escalators. Very inconvenient for elderly people, small children and riders with strollers and wheelchairs.

In June 2008, Metro set a new monthly ridership record with 19,729,641 trips, or 798,456 per weekday. In 2010 metro increased rail fares 18%, making a regular boarding fare $1.95. The fair for the Metro bus increased to $1.50 if paying with a SmartTrip and $1.70 if paying with cash. Can you imagine the kind of numbers Metro is seeing now? When is the increase in fare going to show in more place then just our wallets?

Check out this article posted in 2010 explaining the budget CUTS Metro’s 2011 budget will receive.

I guess the real issue, is WHY are the elevators and escalators not working? Not sure if you caught this video back in February 2011, when an escalator’s breaking system failed at Foggy Bottom Station, causing it to speed up and jolted riders forward and into the station. People were injured during this malfunction.

What station do you visit frequently with broken elevators and escalators. They always put that huge wooden box around the broken ones, like there’s some secret as to why no one is ever on the other side fixing them.

Viewing Fireworks on the National Mall July 4th | Events

You’d be surprised at the number of DMV residence that have never enjoyed the experience of fireworks on the National Mall. The hassle of the commute via train, car, or foot can be an overwhelming experience for visitors or residence especially with small children. Despite the packed trains, usually without A/C, crowded streets and porta potty’s it really is a wonderful experience everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

If you are thinking about heading down to the National Mall to view the fireworks, here are a few tips and tricks to make your trip a little easier:

  • Metrorail will run from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight) Monday July 4th
    • SMITHSONIAN Station will NOT be open during the day and will reopen AFTER the fireworks show
    • Parking at metro is FREE on Holidays and bikes are NOT permitted on Metrorail
    • Stations close to the National Mall
      • Union Station & Judiciary Square (Red Line)
      • L’Enfant Plaza & Archives (Green/Yellow Line)
      • Gallery Place-Chinatown (Red/Green/Yellow Line)
      • Capitol South & Federal Center (Blue/Orange Line)
    • Heaviest traffic will be between 6 p.m. and Midnight
  • Permitted items include water, blankets, food, repellant, sun screen, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Small coolers are also ok.
  • Items NOT permitted include alcohol, personal fireworks, grills, tents or canopies, firearms or weapons

If you plan to travel early to avoid the crowd, check out The Capitol Fourth Concert. Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Jimmy Smits will host the all-star lineup that includes: Grammy and Emmy Award-winning actor and musician Steve Martinperforming with the Steep Canyon Rangers; multi-platinum recording superstar Josh Groban; Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated star of stage and screen who has just released his debut self titled album Matthew Morrison (Glee); American Idol winnerJordin Sparks; rock ‘n’ roll legend Little Richard performing with the cast of the Broadway smash hit Million Dollar Quartet; three time Tony-nominated Broadway starKelli O’Hara; and the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of top pops conductor Jack Everly. — Read more history HERE

If you want a good seat on the West lawn of the Capitol Building, we recommend going down as early as 8 a.m. The Mall will fill quickly, and the shady spots will be gone fast. There is a parade that starts at 11:45 a.m. and the festivities begin around 3 p.m. Fireworks usually begin 9:10 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

!!!ENJOY and Happy Independence Day!!!!